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16th Annual
November 10-12, 2017

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Feria Exposición Maestros del Arte AC Inc. is non-profit in both Mexico and the US. Held yearly at Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, this art show promotes the rapidly disappearing folk and indigenous art (artensania) of Mexico. Artists are invited from all corners of Mexico based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of their work,
  • Has their art been passed down generation to generation,
  • Does the artist use "natural" pigments/materials as was done in the past, or
  • Are they an "undiscovered" artist who is worthy of recognition for his/her work.
  • All art must be made totally handmade by the artist.

You can help these artists and the Feria with your contribution. Please see our Patron page.
Help us keep Mexico's legacy of folk and indigenous art alive.




Zeny (Zenen) Fuentes - (Oaxaca) alebrijes - carved wood creatures of the imagination.
Jesús Hernández Torres - (Oaxaca) alebrijes - carved wood creatures of the imagination.
Eleazar Morales - (Oaxaca) alebrijes - carved wood creatures of the imagination.
Mario Saulo Moreno Contreras - (Mexico) alambroide (metal alebrijes)
Benita Cooperativa (CAIS) - (Oaxaca) handwoven baskets
Cooperativa de Artesanos Indigenas de Sonora (CAIS) - (Sonora) handwoven baskets made from the wood from a shrub considered sacred to them: prieto torote (Jatropha cuneata)
José Manuel Ruiz Salazar & Roberto Abraham Ruiz Salazar (Mexico) finely carved bone miniatures. "The Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art" in which Don Roberto Ruiz (father) is featured.
Arte Casbal - (Puebla) handpainted polychrome ceramics - trees of life, Catrinas, etc.
Teresa Alejos Ayungua - (Michoacán) traditional green and earthtone utilitarian ceramics
Alfonso Castillo Hernández - (Puebla) Trees of Life, ceramic figures. Featured in the book "Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art".
Antsetik S'Pas - (Chiapas) ceramics  
Colectivo Cuanari - (Michoacán) ceramics  (and also see clothing/textiles)
Alvaro de la Cruz & Family - (Michoacán) Extraordinary handmade ceramic catrinas (skeleton figures dressed in finery)
Esteban de la Cruz Miranda & Rodrigo de la Cruz Cabrera - (Guerrero) Extraordinary handmade ceramics
Miguel Pedro Fabian - (Oaxaca) barro negro (black clay)
Guadalupe García Ríos - (Michoacán) high-fired unique ceramics of the highest quality
Grupo Ben Tsam - (Chiapas) clay animals
Pedro Hernández Carlos - (Michoacán) The famous pineapple (piña) pottery taken to a new level by this creative artist.
Manuel Jerónimo Reyes - (Michocán) famous black ceramics from Santa Fe de la Laguna. Featured in the book "Great Masters of Latin American Folk Art."
Rosario & Agustin Jimon - (Jalisco) barro bandera (colors of Mexican flag - green, red and white) miniatures
Silvia Martínez Díaz - (Oaxaca) pre-Hispanic molded clay pottery often with asas (handles)
Lucy Mora - (Chihuahua) famous thin-walled Mata Ortiz pottery
Angel Ortiz Gabriel & Angel Ortiz Arana - (Jalisco) barro bruñido (burnished pottery).
Nicasio Pajarito González- (Jalisco) the famous barro canelo (cinnamon) pottery of Tonalá. Featured in the book "Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art."
Antonio Eurípides Pedro Gonzáles - (Oaxaca) black clay figures.
Tiburcio Soteno - (Mexico) Arbóles de la Vida - Trees of Life
Cesar Torres Ramírez - (Puebla) talavera pottery. Featured in the book "Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art."
Enriqueta Cenobio Calixto - (Mexico) Mazahua textiles and miniature embroidery
Colectivo Cuanari - (Chiapas) textiles  (and also see ceramics)
Xaxanacuchi Cooperativa/Elvira Garcia Santiago, Huehuetla, Puebla - huipiles, textiles de bordados/embroidery Colectivo de Mujeres Totonacas Flor de Maiz Comuto Xaxanacuchi - (Puebla) embroidery
Colectivo Zipiajo - (Michoacán) hand-woven textiles
Cooperativa Flor de Dalia - deshilado (taking out threads), San Felipe de los Herreros, Michoacán Cooperativa Flor de Dalia - (Michoacán) deshilado (taking out threads)
Backstrap weaving from San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca Cooperativa San Mateo del Mar - (Oaxaca) intricate weaving
Andres Diaz Hernández - (Chiapas) textiles
Dreamweavers - (Oaxaca) weavers of textiles
Adolfo García Días (Fito)- (México) Hand-woven rebozos (shawls)
Rosaura González Sebastián - (Michoacán) rebozos (shawls), napkins, etc. made on a backstrap loom
Juana Hernández & Modesta Martíz- (Oaxaca) cross-stitch on unbleached muslin
Kinal Antzetik- (Chiapas) textiles
Kip Tik - (Chiapas) textiles
María Luisa Mendoza Vázquez - (Chiapas) textiles
Laura & Olidon Merino - (Oaxaca) hand-woven huipiles (traditional Mexican dress)
Cecilia Pérez Gómez - (Chiapas) textiles
Presa de Barajas - (Jalisco) tatting (knotted lace) rebozos, scarves, earrings, etc.
Teófila Servin - (Michoacán) hand-embroidered clothing, scenes on manta cloth and much more.
Pascuala Vázquez Hernández - (Chiapas) the famous textile work of Chiapas
Magaly Felicitas Cahum Wicab- ( ) - fiber weaving
Isabel Mendoza- (Jalisco) - popotillo (straw) art
Moisés & Marco Ruiz Sosa - (Oaxaca) figures from totomoxtle (cornhusks)
Artesanias en Vidrio - (Mexico) hand-blown Christmas ornaments and other decorative glass objects
Magdiel Garcia Hernandez - (Mexico) hand-etched glass. Featured in the book "Great Masters of Latin American Folk Art"
Juan Vazquez Menor - ( ) hand-painted gourds
Kena Bautista & Francisco Bautista Carrillo - (Jalisco) Huichol beadwork, string paintings, etc.
Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts - (Jalisco) incredible jewelry made from the tiniest seed beads available, other bead and string work pressed into beeswax
Cesar Montes & Edith Albarron (Kutzi) - (Michoácan) finely crafted silver jewelry using many of the age-old Purepecha designs
Arturo Salgado Vazquez - (Oaxaca) filigree and cartoneado jewelry
Flora María Sánchez - (Jalisco) Silver jewelry
Martina Navarro de Saint Phalle - (Michoacán) Wood and guaje (a kind of hollowed, broad-based gourd) using the technique called macque (natural earth pigments) to decorate the pieces.
Chan Kin Tercero & Kin García Martínez - (Chiapas) Lacandon art
Salvador Cisneros - (Jalisco) traditional handmade leather huaraches (sandals)
Gorgonio Candelario Castro - (Colima) traditional handcarved wood masks. His father was featured in the book "Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art"
Alfredo Vilchis Roque - (Mexico) tin exvotos (offerings to saint painted on old "found" tin)
Rocio Edith Pindter Ortiz - (Guanajuato) tin nichos, decorated wood chairs
José Manuel Robles - (Jalisco) painter who expresses Mexican rural life in his own unique style.
Lake Chapala Society's (LCS) Children's Art Program - (Jalisco) paintings created by the children of Lake Chapala.
Oscar Daniel Chávez Hernández - (Michoacán) paper mache
Pedro Ortega Lozano - (Mexico) traditional papel picado as well as cut paper work done in foil
Projecto Tarahumara - (Chihuahua) various artwork made by the indigenous Tarahumara people of Chihuahua
Colectivo Santa Lucia - (Chiapas) clay toys
Marcela Hernández Torres (Chiapas) clay toys
Francisco Martínez Ruiz & Isaac Armando Martínez Laso - (Oaxaca) textiles
Jacobo Mendoza - (Oaxaca) hand-woven rugs
Mario Casimiro Téllez - (Michoacán) handcarved wood furniture
La Cooperativa Agua y Monte, S.C. de R.L. de C.V. - (Veracruz) handcarved wood
Jorge González Moreno - (Chiapas) woodcarver
Guadalupe Velazquez Galvan - (Guanajuato) handcarved retablos, nichos, etc.