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"The hands, eyes and heart of the Maestro"

8th Annual
November 13-15, 2009
Friday & Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Club de Yates Chapala (Chapala Yacht Club),
Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico


2009 Maestros
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Feria Exposición Maestros del Arte AC is a non-profit mexico art show held yearly in Chapala Jalisco, Mexico to promote the ever disappearing folk and indigenous art (artensania) of Mexico. Artists are invited from all corners of Mexico based on the quality of their work, whether their art has been passed down generation to generation, or perhaps they are an "undiscovered" artist who is worthy of recognition for his/her work. All art/handcrafts must be made totally handmade by the artist presenting their work and they must use only "natural" materials in its production.


The following artists will be attending in 2010 and are featured in the landmark book "The Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art."
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Cecilia Bautista - (Michoacán) Award-winning Purépecha black with light-blue stripes (and often feathers and/or beads in the fringe) rebozos
José Bernabe - (Jalisco) Petatillo (cross-hatch) ceramics
Alfonso Castillo Orta Family - (Puebla) Arboles de la Vida (Trees of Life)
Elena Felipe Felix & Berardina Rivera - (Jalisco) Jug-made pottery towers
Guadalupe Hermisillo Escobar - (Chiapas) the famous forged iron house crosses of San Cristóbal de las Casas
Ofelia Madariaga & Gloria Leticia Villajuana - (Yucatan) hammocks
Miguel Angel Molinero Huipe - (Michoacán) (grandson of Emilio Molinero Hurtado) burnished pottery
José Ojeda - (Jalisco) "world-famous"hand-crafted knives
Lydia Quezada - (Chihuahua) representing her older brother, the renowed Juan Quezada, with the famous thin-walled pottery of Mata Ortiz (also known as Casas Grandes pottery)
Sna Jolobil Cooperativa - (Chiapas) Mayan textiles

Other noteworthy artists attending are . . .

Salvador Aguirre - (Jalisco) incredible art made of obsidian
Jacobo Angeles Ojeda & María del Carmen Mendoza -Alebrijes - carved wood figures
Felipe Benítez Miranda - (Guanajuato) unusual Nahuatl alebrijes (carved wood animals) and paintings
Enedina and Eliseo Castillo Castillo - (Michoacán) Traditional handcarved wood masks, religious objects, Catrinas and much more
Enriqueta Cenobio Calixto & Juvenal Bernardino Gómez - (Mexico) Mazahua textiles and miniature embroidery
Centro de Integración Tapalpa, A.C. - (Jalisco) this school is dedicated to nurturing the artistic, creative and academic potential of special-needs children - Papelmalecho, paper maché over recycled garbage
Cocucho - (Michoacán) this distinctive and easily recognized pottery comes from a remote Purépecha Indian village in the state of Michoacán.
Corporación Equipales SC de RL - (Jalisco) a cooperative of families in Zacoalco de Torres working together making incredible equipales
Cooperativa Agua y Monte SC de RL de CV - (Veracruz) handcarved wood
Ruth Cortés Rodriguez - (Guanajuato) silvered Alpacca cutlery, boxes, jewelry, purses, etc.
José Luis Cortéz Hernández - (Jalisco) Extraordinary bruñido pottery
Escuela de Reboceria - (San Luis Potosi) Handwoven silk and silk-rayon (articela) rebozos (shawls)
José Flores & Bruno Tupac Amaral - (Jalisco) original clothing designs embroidered in silk and handmade leather purses and shoes.
Xochitl Fuentes Melchor - (Oaxaca) papier maché figures
Adolfo (Fito) García Diaz - (Mexico) handwoven cotton palmeado (palm-leaf) rebozos (shawls)
Guadalupe García Rios - (Michoacán) Hi-fired unique ceramics of the highest quality
Prudencio Guzmán - (Jalisco) incredible original designs ceramic masks. A member of Grupo Tradicional Tonalteca.
Pedro Hernandez Carlos - (Michoacán) The famous pineapple (piña) pottery taken to a new level by this creative artist.
Pedro Hernández Cruz - (Guanajuato) papier maché
Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts - (Jalisco) incredible jewelry made from the tiniest seedbeads available, other bead and string work pressed into beeswax
Martin Ibarra - (Jalisco) intricate ceramic virgins and other ceramic pieces
Julio Laya Chichicastla, Leobardo Espiritu Rocha - (Puebla) unbelievable handmade amate paper
Veronica Lorenzo Quiroz - (Oaxaca) textiles - decorative and wearable
Fidel Martínez Martínez - (Oaxaca) Figures from the famous barro negro (black) pottery of Oaxaca
Isaac Armando Martínez Laso - (Oaxaca) 15-year-old weaver of carpet wall hangings each telling a Zapotec story
Rosario Martínez Vasquez and Ernesto Maldonado González - (Oaxaca) Handwoven rugs
Rosy, Marcos, Antonio and Rodolfo Martínez - (Michoacán) Extraordinary punteado (decorated with thousands of tiny dots) ceramics.
Alejandro Olmo - (Jalisco) Whimsical plant pots, handmade ceramic tiles and sculpture AND he will read your Mayan horiscope.
Patti Orozco Casarea and Enrique Urincho - (Michoacán) Breathtaking and unique handwrought copper jewelry
Rosa Orozco Raya - (Michoacán) Whimsical Catrinas (Rosa is the widow of the renowned Bulmaro Alejos Madrigal pineapple potter).
Eusebio Mateos Ortega, Pablo Mateos & Rigoberto Mateos Campechano - (Jalisco) Barro negro (black pottery). Until recently, we were unaware that barro negro had been produced in Jalisco for generations. It is the same technique used in Oaxaca.
Angel Ortiz Gabriel & Angel Ortiz Arana - (Jalisco) Barro bruñido (burnished pottery). Both are members of Grupo Tradicional Tonalteca.
Miguel Paredes - (Puebla) Whimsical Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) figures, boxes, items that are becomming very difficult to find in Mexico.
Rutilio Pascual and Tomaso González - (Michoacán) The famed "devil" figures of Ocumicho, carved masks and other delightful ceramic creations.
Dra. Magdalena Pedro Martínez - (Oaxaca) Monas de barro negro - figures of women in regional Oaxacan costumes made out of the famous black clay of Oaxaca
Juan José Ramos Medrano - (Jalisco) The creative and extraordinary barro betus (a birch resin applied to add shine and brillance to the piece) ceramics
Camelia Ramos Zamora, Don Isaac Ramos Padilla and José Mancio - (México) Handwoven rebozos (shawls)
Floriberta Reyes Gomez - (Oaxaca) the famous barro negro (black pottery) of Oaxaca but in miniature form.
Francis & Rodolfo Rodríguez - (Michoacán) whimsical and creatively handmade wood nichos, retablos, lifesize chairs
Luís Rodríguez Martínez - (Mexico) rebozos (shawls) typical of those made in Tenancingo, Mexico
Paola Rosendo - (Guerrero) beautiful lacquerware (mirrors, boxes, gourds, animals and much more)
Bertha and Teófila Servin - (Michoacán) Hand-embroidered clothing, scenes on manta cloth and much more.
Sociedad Cooperativa Textil Artesanal - (Michoacán) handwoven rebozos (shawls)
Taller Leñateros - (Chiapas) Mayan Cooperative of Papermakers & Artists of Nature
Ernestina Tomas Silva - (Mexico) Prize-winning handwoven rebozos (shawls)
Tribes Mixes - (Oaxaca) incredible handcarved wood alebrijes.
Teo Urzua - (Jalisco) Weaving tapetes (carpets) with wonderful scenes and designs
Celerino C. Vázquez - (Hidalgo) incredible handmade wood objects such as miniature violins, inlaid with abalone shell.
Angélica Vásquez Cruz - defender of women's self-expression through her terracotta clay figures
Pascuala Vázquez Hernández - (Chiapas) the famous textile work of Chiapas
Victor and Flor Xuana - (Oaxaca) handcarved wood alebrijes

(Our thanks to Karen Henderson for the use of her photographs)



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