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"More than a Feria"

8th Annual - November 13-15, 2009
Club de Yates Chapala (Chapala Yacht Club),
Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

2009 Maestros
Maestros from Other Years: 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004

Cecilia Bautista - (Michoacán) Award-winning Purépecha black with light-blue stripes (and often feathers and/or beads in the fringe) rebozos
José Bernabe - (Jalisco) Petatillo (cross-hatch) ceramics
Alfonso Castillo Orta Family - (Puebla) Arboles de la Vida (Trees of Life)
Elena Felipe Felix & Berardina Rivera - (Jalisco) Jug-made pottery towers
Guadalupe Hermisillo Escobar - (Chiapas) the famous forged iron house crosses of San Cristóbal de las Casas
Ofelia Madariaga & Gloria Leticia Villajuana - (Yucatan) hammocks
Miguel Angel Molinero Huipe - (Michoacán) (grandson of Emilio Molinero Hurtado) burnished pottery
José Ojeda - (Jalisco) "world-famous"hand-crafted knives
Lydia Quezada - (Chihuahua) representing her older brother, the renowed Juan Quezada, with the famous thin-walled pottery of Mata Ortiz (also known as Casas Grandes pottery)
Sna Jolobil Cooperativa - (Chiapas) Mayan textiles
Salvador Aguirre - (Jalisco) incredible art made of obsidian
Jacobo Angeles Ojeda & María del Carmen Mendoza - (Oaxaca) Alebrijes - carved wood figures
Felipe Benítez Miranda - (Guanajuato) unusual Nahuatl alebrijes (carved wood animals) and paintings
Enedina and Eliseo Castillo Castillo - (Michoacán) Traditional handcarved wood masks, religious objects, Catrinas and much more
Enriqueta Cenobio Calixto & Juvenal Bernardino Gómez - (Mexico) Mazahua textiles and miniature embroidery
Centro de Integración Tapalpa, A.C. - (Jalisco) this school is dedicated to nurturing the artistic, creative and academic potential of special-needs children - Papelmalecho, paper maché over recycled garbage
Cocucho - (Michoacán) this distinctive and easily recognized pottery comes from a remote Purépecha Indian village in the state of Michoacán.
Corporación Equipales SC de RL - (Jalisco) a cooperative of families in Zacoalco de Torres working together making incredible equipales
Cooperativa Agua y Monte SC de RL de CV - (Veracruz) handcarved wood
Ruth Cortés Rodriguez - (Guanajuato) silvered Alpacca cutlery, boxes, jewelry, purses, etc.
José Luis Cortéz Hernández - (Jalisco) Extraordinary bruñido pottery
Escuela de Reboceria - (San Luis Potosi) Handwoven silk and silk-rayon (articela) rebozos (shawls)
José Flores & Bruno Tupac Amaral - (Jalisco) original clothing designs embroidered in silk and handmade leather purses and shoes.
Xochitl Fuentes Melchor - (Oaxaca) papier maché figures
Adolfo (Fito) García Diaz - (Mexico) handwoven cotton palmeado (palm-leaf) rebozos (shawls)
Guadalupe García Rios - (Michoacán) Hi-fired unique ceramics of the highest quality
Prudencio Guzmán - (Jalisco) incredible original designs ceramic masks. A member of Grupo Tradicional Tonalteca.
Pedro Hernandez Carlos - (Michoacán) The famous pineapple (piña) pottery taken to a new level by this creative artist.
Pedro Hernández Cruz - (Guanajuato) papier maché
Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts - (Jalisco) incredible jewelry made from the tiniest seedbeads available, other bead and string work pressed into beeswax
Martin Ibarra - (Jalisco) intricate ceramic virgins and other ceramic pieces
Julio Laya Chichicastla, Leobardo Espiritu Rocha - (Puebla) unbelievable handmade amate paper
Veronica Lorenzo Quiroz - (Oaxaca) textiles - decorative and wearable
Fidel Martínez Martínez - (Oaxaca) Figures from the famous barro negro (black) pottery of Oaxaca
Isaac Armando Martínez Laso - (Oaxaca) 15-year-old weaver of carpet wall hangings each telling a Zapotec story
Rosario Martínez Vasquez and Ernesto Maldonado González - (Oaxaca) Handwoven rugs
Rosy, Marcos, Antonio and Rodolfo Martínez - (Michoacán) Extraordinary punteado (decorated with thousands of tiny dots) ceramics.
Eusebio Mateos Ortega, Pablo Mateos & Rigoberto Mateos Campechano - (Jalisco) Barro negro (black pottery). Until recently, we were unaware that barro negro had been produced in Jalisco for generations. It is the same technique used in Oaxaca.
Angel Ortiz Gabriel & Angel Ortiz Arana - (Jalisco) Barro bruñido (burnished pottery). Both are members of Grupo Tradicional Tonalteca.
Miguel Paredes - (Puebla) Whimsical Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) figures, boxes, items that are becomming very difficult to find in Mexico.
Rutilio Pascual and Tomaso González - (Michoacán) The famed "devil" figures of Ocumicho, carved masks and other delightful ceramic creations.
Dra. Magdalena Pedro Martínez - (Oaxaca) Monas de barro negro - figures of women in regional Oaxacan costumes made out of the famous black clay of Oaxaca
Juan José Ramos Medrano - (Jalisco) The creative and extraordinary barro betus (a birch resin applied to add shine and brillance to the piece) ceramics
Camelia Ramos Zamora, Don Isaac Ramos Padilla and José Mancio - (México) Handwoven rebozos (shawls)
Floriberta Reyes Gomez - (Oaxaca) the famous barro negro (black pottery) of Oaxaca but in miniature form.
Francis & Rodolfo Rodríguez - (Michoacán) whimsical and creatively handmade wood nichos, retablos, lifesize chairs
Luís Rodríguez Martínez - (Mexico) rebozos (shawls) typical of those made in Tenancingo, Mexico
Paola Rosendo - (Guerrero) beautiful lacquerware (mirrors, boxes, gourds, animals and much more)
Bertha and Teófila Servin - (Michoacán) Hand-embroidered clothing, scenes on manta cloth and much more.
Sociedad Cooperativa Textil Artesanal - (Michoacán) handwoven rebozos (shawls)
Taller Leñateros - (Chiapas) Mayan Cooperative of Papermakers & Artists of Nature
Ernestina Tomas Silva - (Mexico) Prize-winning handwoven rebozos (shawls)
Tribes Mixes - (Oaxaca) incredible handcarved wood alebrijes.
Celerino C. Vázquez - (Hidalgo) incredible handmade wood objects such as miniature violins, inlaid with abalone shell.
Angélica Vásquez Cruz - defender of women's self-expression through her terracotta clay figures
Pascuala Vázquez Hernández - (Chiapas) the famous textile work of Chiapas
Victor and Flor Xuana - (Oaxaca) handcarved wood alebrijes