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"More than a Feria"

6th Annual - November 9-11, 2007
Club de Yates Chapala (Chapala Yacht Club), Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

2007 Maestros

Artists from Other Years: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005, 2004

Silvano Aguirre & Saturnino Muñoz - (Jalisco) inlaid hand-carved wood
Hilario Alejos Madrigal - (Michoacán) pineapple pottery
Neftalí Ayungua Suárez - (Michoacán) pineapple & natural glaze pottery
José Luis Cerda Báez - (Michoacán) carved wood in the Paracho style
Florentino Jimón Barba - (Jalisco) the famous bandera pottery of Tonalá
José Ojeda - (Jalisco) "World famous"hand-crafted knives
Nicasio Pajarito González - (Jalisco) the famous canelo pottery of Tonalá
José Sagrario Pérez Pamatz, Bricio Bermudez Carranza & Napoleón Pérez Pamatz - (Michoacán) copper
Angel Santos - (Jalisco) famous bruñido pottery miniatures of Tonalá
Enrique Badillo Aguilar - (Guanajuato) tinsmith extraordinaire
Felipe Benítez Miranda - (Guanajuato) unusual Nahuatl alebrijes (carved wood animals) and paintings
Centro Indigena Huichol - (Jalisco) incredible jewelry made from the tiniest seedbeads available, other bead and string work pressed into beeswax
Cocucho - (Michoacán) this distinctive and easily recognized pottery comes from a remote Purepecha Indian village in the state of Michoacán.
Corporación Equipales SC de RL - (Jalisco) a cooperative of families in Zacoalco de Torres working together making incredible equipales
Ruth Cortés Rodriguez - (Guanajuato) silvered Alpacca cutlery, boxes, jewelry, purses, etc.
José Luis Cortéz Hernández - (Jalisco) Extraordinary bruñido pottery
Degollado Reproducciones Pre-Hispanicas - (Jalisco) clay and bronze Pre-Columbian reproductions
Margarita Fick - (Querétaro) Papel Picado (cut paper), beautiful images all accomplished through the art of paper cutting. Almost a lost art!
José Flores - (Jalisco) original clothing designs embroidered in silk
Prudencio Guzmán - (Jalisco) incredible original designs ceramic masks
Pedro Hernández Cruz - (Guanajuato) papier maché
Juan Horta Family (1940-2006) - (Michoacán) One of Mexico's finest traditional maskmakers passed away December 19, 2006. Feria Maestros del Arte remembers Juan and his legacy.
Martin Ibarra - (Jalisco) intricate ceramic virgins and other ceramic pieces
Agustin Jimón Barba - (Jalisco) the bandera ceramic miniatures
Fernando Jimón Melchor - (Jalisco) bandera ceramic miniatures
Julio Laya Chichicastla, Leobardo Espiritu Rocha - (Puebla) unbelievable handmade amate paper
Angelica Morales - (Michoacán) whimsical paintings on amate (handmade paper) and black and white pottery
Betsabé Orozco & Delfina Segoviano de Orozco - (Guanajuato) fantastic papier maché figures
Luis Pacheco Vazquez - (Chihuahua) fantastic silver jewelry
Pablo Paredes Goche - (Jalisco) ceramic nacimientos (nativity scenses) and figures
Camelia Ramos Zamora - (México) weaver of rebozos (shawls) extraordinaire
José Luis Serrano Carrillo - (Mexico) Arboles de la Vida (Trees of Life)
Sna Jolobil Cooperativa - (Chiapas) Mayan textiles
Demetrio Aguilar - clay and some paintings
Jacobo Angeles Ojeda & María del Carmen Mendoza -Alebrijes - carved wood figures
Javier Gallado - miniatures in palma (palm)
Delfina Garcia Hernandez - very fine embroidery including earrings and other accent pieces
Irma Claudia Garcia Blanco - unglazed ceramic figures, unglazed and decorated in pastillaje
Armando Jimenez - grandson of Manuel Jimenez,"the father of alebrijes," Armando has a unique style to his alebrijes (carved wood figures)
Veronica Lorenzo Quiroz - huipiles (handwoven blouse/dress) and textiles from the coastal region of Oaxaca including those made with a purple dye gathered from sea snails.
Dra. Magdalena Pedro Martínez - Monas de barro negro - figures of women in regional Oaxacan costumes made out of the famous black clay of Oaxaca
Floriberta Reyes Gomez - the famous black pottery of Oaxaca - miniatures and other pots
Gabino Reyes & Eloy Santiago - both from La Union, Gabino is known for the alebrije virgins he carves on the stomaches of donkeys and cows and Eloy for his carvings of traditional Mexican country life.
Manuel Ruiz Martínez - generations of rug weaving have honed the skills of this artisan
Maria Guadalupe Santiago Sanchez - very fine embroidary work, mainly blouses
Jesus Sosa Calvo - woodcarver from San Martin his speciality are cats lying on their backs holding balls

Centro de Arte Textil Zapoteco Bii Daüü SC de RL - Mariano Sosa - cooperative in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca that uses only natural dyes and methods in their weaving.

Enedina Vásquez - Ceramics of natural earthtones